Tea Flavours

Ronnefeldt tea is now synonymous with finest tea quality. The brand is unrivaled in tea production and standards. Tan Bach Duong is pleased to present to you the finest Ronnefeldt loose leaf tea selection as well as tea-star and white collection.

Ronnefeldt Loose Leaf Tea Selection

The traditional method of handpicking Ronnefeldt tea leaves involves plucking the youngest and mildest parts of the tea plant. Expert craftsmen pick only one bud and two leaves to guarantee best possible taste.

Loose tea leaves are a delicious form of tea and it can turn your cup into a special occasion. Ronnefeldt offers a magical collection of tea blends for the extraordinary flavor. If your guests prefer pleasant and fruity flavors, you can try the intense fruity infusions.

Ronnefeldt Loose Tea Selection includes:

  1. White Yunnan Silver Tips
  2. Da Hong Pao
  3. Tie Guan Yin
  4. Pai Mu Tan And Melon
  5. Green Keemun Leaf
  6. Peach Blossom
  7. Tea Gargen Ding Gu
  8. Wokou Garden
  9. Fine Yellow China
  10. Royal Gunpowder
  11. Kabusecha Orihime
  12. Milky Oolong
  13. Lemon’s Green
  14. Fruity Sencha
  15. Special Genmaicha
  16. Heaven And Earth
  17. Ceylon Decaffeinated
  18. Red Roses
  19. Milima Gold Kenya
  20. Assam Rambung
  21. Assam Earl Grey
  22. Wild Cherry
  23. Masala Chai
  24. Tarry Lapsang
  25. Strawberry Fields
  26. Mango Dream
  27. Vanille
  28. Pu-Erh Selection
  29. Black Lemon
  30. Irish Whiskey Cream
  31. Pure Chamomile
  32. Peppermint
  33. Soft Peach
  34. Rooibaas And Lemon
  35. Shangri – La

The Premium Ronnefeldt Tea-star Selection

The premium tea-star selection features the most exquisite Ronnefeldt products. These magical teas are harvested during the best season and carefully crafted with the help of traditional production processes.

The selection includes:

  1. Golden Assam
  2. Yunnan Black Mao Feng
  3. Darjeeling Springtime
  4. Darjeeling Summer
  5. Superior Oolong
  6. Smoked China
  7. Dung Ti Oolong
  8. Classic English Tea
  9. Jewel of Nuwara Eliya
  10. Splendid Earl Grey
  11. Dragonwell Zhejiang
  12. Finest Shizuoka Sencha
  13. Jasmine Pearls
  14. White Yin Long
  15. Superior Gyokuro
  16. Silver Pi Lo Chun

Ronnefeldt White Collection

The Ronnefeldt White Collection features elegant tea varieties from the world’s most renowned tea growing regions. All products are produced and harvested using traditional methods. Like other Ronnefeldt products, the White Collection also has delectable flavors and enticing aromas.

White collection includes:

  1. English breakfast
  2. Earl Grey
  3. Oriental Oolong
  4. Darjeeling Summer Gold
  5. Jasmine Gold
  6. Green Dragon
  7. Morgentau

The Tea Couture Collection

The collection features some of the finest loose tea leaf varieties from the renowned tea plantation regions. These loose tea flavors are packaged in convenient bags (called Tea Caddy) dressed in regional fashion style.

Tea Couture Collection includes:

  1. Royal English Afternoon
  2. 1st Assam Blend
  3. Masala Chai
  4. Nepal Jun Chiyabari
  5. Precious Earl Grey
  6. Green Chinese Spring
  7. Korean Flower
  8. Taiwan Ti Dung
  9. Japan Sencha Kiyomizu

If you wish to serve Ronnefeldt tea to your clients, please contact us for further details and training opportunities.