Product Range

Lavazza’s extensive range of coffee blends is ideal for all kinds of coffee lovers. The best blends are secret recipes and include different types of coffee origins. Particular attention is paid to how these blends are packed. Here are the premium blends from the House of Lavazza comprising a range of coffee flavors and intensities – perfect for every taste bud.


From Brazil, this can be your trusted source for 100% fine coffee Arabica.


If you love full bodied texture coffee, this is the blend you should go for. You will love the lingering taste of dark chocolate combined with nutty tones.


Mild coffee lovers fall in love with this velvety textured drink.

Crema E Gusto

If you are looking for an intensely rich, aromatic and flavorful coffee, this is the ideal blend.

Qualita ORO

This selection of Arabica coffee is perfect for ‘sweet’ beverage lovers.

Qualita ROSSA

Try this blend to get the most of your drink in the morning and replenish your energy stores. The unique combination of Robusta and Arabica beans gives you a cup of coffee with rich, aromatic and balanced flavors. You can use this versatile blend with or without milk to make the most exceptional Lattes and Cappuccinos.


1005 Arabica blend

Caffe Decaffeinato

Perhaps the most superior blend of coffee with the intensity of espresso

Caffee Espresso

A treat for Espresso lovers. You can enjoy strong and black Espresso, just the way you like it. This blend has all what you look for in the most authentic Espresso.

Crema E Aroma

This flavorful blend is well loved for its intense aroma

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