Product Portfolio


Lavazza Coffee

Lavazza selects the best coffees from plantations all over the world to give you the best coffee break. Each Lavazza blend is gives a balanced cup of coffee and you would fall in love with its rich flavor, aroma and taste.

Tan Bach Duong brings to you Lavazza coffee blends backed by years of plantation, processing, blending and roasting experience. To know more about how you can offer Lavazza coffee to your clients, get in touch with us.


New Zealand Natural

Tan Bach Duong is excited to bring you New Zealand Natural – a popular brand of ice cream. NZN is immensely popular for its flavorful ice cream. More importantly, the brand is also famous for using the highest quality and freshest ingredients.

What started as a small ‘natural’ ice cream making parlor in Christchurch is now a critically acclaimed brand. Till date, the brand doesn’t compromise on the quality of its products and no artificial flavors or additives are used in manufacturing process.

Check out our menu to know more about the NZN ice cream flavors. We also have a strong association with NZN ice cream since we launched our business. For more information on how you can purchase NZN ice cream, contact us today.

Ronnefeldt Tea

Established in early 19th century by Johann Tobias Ronnefeldt, Ronnefeldt Tea continues to be sourced from the highest quality tea plantations across China, Sri Lanka, and India. In addition to being a renowned tea brand, Ronnefeldt Tea is highly ethical which further strengthens its strong reputation.

Historically Mr. Ronnefeldt served his products to an exclusive clientele including top businessmen. Today, the brand is a known as a provider of quality tea products and the quality is unparallel. Here at Tan Bach Duong, we work tirelessly to serve you a quality brew – premium Ronnefeldt tea. If you want to introduce high quality tea products in your brand, feel free to contact us right away.

Surgiva Mineral Water

The crystal clear and extraordinary pure Surgiva mineral water is sourced from the high altitude spring in Trentino, Italy. The water is known to be the purest and has the lowest nitrate content. Perhaps the best thing about Surgiva Mineral Water is its neutral taste. If you are looking for low salt products for adequate hydration, look no further.

Tan Bach Duong has proudly helped its clients incorporate Surgiva Mineral Water into their business offerings. If you need any help in adding Surgiva to your menu or offerings, we will be more than pleased to assist you.