Ice Cream flavours

At Tan Bach Duong, we offer the best ice cream flavors from New Zealand Natural. NZN is a brand of premium ice cream, produced using fresh and high quality ingredients in Auckland. We bring the exquisite range of flavors they offer to Vietnam, enabling you to serve this amazing ice cream range to your customers.

  • Cookies & Cream: A perfect mishmash of crunchy chocolate cookies and vanilla ice cream
  • Classic Vanilla: The old classic is reproduced by New Zealand using fresh cream and milk
  • Forest Berry: This is a berrilicious treat that excites the taste buds and leaves a lasting flavor
  • Chocolate Ecstasy: Find rich chocolate fudge swirling in chocolate ice cream.
  • Strawberry: Delicious strawberry ice cream loaded with real strawberry pieces
  • Rum & Raisin: Plump and juicy raisins folded in rum flavored ice cream.
  • Macadamia Supreme: Roasted Australian Macadamia nuts served with creamy Macadamia ice cream.
  • Mango Sorbet: This cholesterol free, non –dairy mango sorbet is made with real mango
  • Lemon & Lime Sorbet: Enjoy the refreshing flavors of lemon juice and real lime pieces
  • Mint Choc Kisses: The perfect blend of mint ice cream, choc chips and choc peppermint.
  • Crème De Coconut: Smooth and creamy ice cream made with real coconut cream
  • Hokey Pokey: Honeycomb flavored ice cream with crunch flavorful butterscotch balls.
  • White Chocolate & Raspberry: White chocolate pieces with raspberry ripple and white chocolate ice cream.
  • Mocha Almond Fudge: Richness of mocha combined with roasted almonds and choc fudge ripple.


Our extensive and divine range is available in multiple unit sizes from: 6 litre Catering, 946 ml Family tubs, 473 ml sharing tubs and 125 ml cups.

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