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This city in Southern Vietnam. As you make your way across the streets, you will find bustling food stalls across the high octane business center. Once you have experienced the best of this city of energy and discovery, do check out our head office and main distribution centre located in the Binh Thanh district.

DA NANG Branch

This coastal city has a lot to offer. Being the third largest city in the country, it is a perfect stop for people who love sandy beaches. Over the years, DA NANG has a made a mark as real estate and private property hub. If you want to dig deeper than the surface and know more about the market in the region, get in touch with our DA NANG office team.

HANOI Branch

The capital of Vietnam is popular for its rich culture. There’s plenty to discover in the region and you have some wonderful dining options at every corner for very little cost. If you are visiting Hanoi and want to know more about Tan Bach Duong, feel free to contact our Hanoi branch.