There’s nothing better than enjoying award winning culinary creations and a distinctive dining experience with your family and friends. Foodies prefer to have a dizzying array of choices while admiring the panoramic views and absorbing the intricate details. Even you wouldn’t want to miss out on the specialties from an impressive selection of grab and go lunch options and gourmet creations while enjoying your food at the top of a high rise building.

Imagine the restaurant has the finest tableware and the decoration is spot on. There’s comforting sound of soft, melodic music in the background and you can’t wait to taste the first bite of your food. Your dream dining experience is exactly what you desire and it’s hard to resist the aroma coming out of the kitchen. Your food gets served and you get your hands on the most exquisite wine.

Great food, great beverages and great friends – could you ask for more? Well, things could get more exciting if you had some good coffee. Your eyes spot a shiny machine – an expensive coffee maker that made its way recently into the restaurant. The European coffee maker takes up a great deal of space, and you just cannot wait to smell and taste the rich, flavorful cup of your favourite beverage.

The waiter places your hot cup of coffee in front of you. You see that the coffee foam looks pretty and the aroma is exciting. But as soon as you taste your much loved drink, you plan on giving up coffee for good. The rancid coffee beans ruin your evening and your taste buds remain stinging for a long time. NO matter how much you hate it, your evening ends on a bad or rather bitter note.

Finding a good cup of coffee in Vietnam can be challenging especially due to the increasing amount of tourist traffic. Here at Tan Bach Duong, we offer you the highest quality, good tasting coffee in a relaxed atmosphere. We ensure that we only use premium products and our each cup comes from a highest quality source.

We believe that your drink should be perfectly crafted, delicious and gorgeous and we make sure you only drink excellent coffee. Once our products are sold, the service we provide is very important as this helps maintain the reputation of the product for years to come. Remember that we don’t only make our clients happy, but we make their guests happy as well!